The private banks – and assets under management


The private banks have become more aggressive regarding assets under management (AUM) over the past few months. We are delighted to be quoted in an article in today’s Financial Times talking about this and explaining how we help clients find a solution.

While the changes make it slightly trickier to get finance from a private bank, it is still possible as long as you speak to a broker such as Anderson Harris who understands the private banks and their requirements.

As brokers working at the top end of the market, we know how the private banks perform with regard to AUM. We advise clients as to the best way to meet the bank’s criteria without unnecessary upheaval to their financial affairs. For example, if the client has stocks and shares, these could be moved to the custodianship of the bank so that the client doesn’t have to move out of any investments, and the private bank would charge an annual fee for this.

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Jonathan Harris
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Jonathan Harris