Why opt for a middleman when arranging property finance?


With property prices continuing to rise and activity in the housing market flourishing, Anderson Harris is busy working through some very complicated mortgage applications. Many of these deals would not have stood a chance of being considered without the level of knowledge and perseverance that is being applied to them.

Why are we telling you this?

Many of our clients are wealthy but typically short of the time needed to demonstrate that wealth to the point where banks are persuaded to lend to them. So while on the face of it a client’s wealth should convince a lender that they are a good risk, some element of proof is required.

Private bankers are busy and do not always have time to assess new enquiries properly if they are approached directly.  Fortunately the bankers know us well and know that if we introduce a client to them, we have already done our due diligence. If we propose a client to them, it’s because we believe they are the best fit for that client.

We spend a lot of time with clients, really getting to understand their financial position. Clients do not always want to provide documentary evidence of their assets, while for banks this is pretty much a prerequisite. We are able to draw the relevant insight from our client discussions and present this in a manner which is acceptable to the bank. We cut down on time wastage both for the client and the bank. We tease out the salient financial points, so that the banks feel more comfortable.

The value of our broking skills and connections with the private banks are making some tricky-looking applications a possibility and at the same time increasing the success ratio of obtaining a mortgage for our clients, with less hassle.

It is not only the private banks who are worth considering. A number of high-street lenders are producing large loan offerings which may suit the client better. We can advise whether this is the case and direct your application accordingly. Contact us for more information.

Adrian Anderson
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Adrian Anderson