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Development/commercial/bridging finance

Developers with expertise and a proven track record will find that lenders have an appetite for agreeing development finance on the right projects. Anderson Harris has experience in structuring development finance on competitive terms.

If you are interested in buying a business or commercial premises, or refinancing an existing commercial property, you will need commercial property finance. Anderson Harris can access competitive commercial rates from a number of specialist lenders, as well as mezzanine finance on attractive terms.

Demand for bridging finance has increased significantly since the downturn, filling the gap left by traditional lenders reluctant to provide longer-term funding. Bridging loans tend to be short term and on an interest-only basis, aimed at clients who require a quick decision. Bridging finance rates have fallen so it is not as expensive as in the past, with many more lenders providing access to such products. However, it remains a specialist area so specialist advice from a broker such as Anderson Harris, is crucial.