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Investment properties/buy-to-let and portfolios

The UK rental market is particularly strong as many would-be buyers struggle to raise the necessary deposit to purchase their own home, so are forced to rent for longer. Demand continues to push up rents, while the disappointing performance of cash and equities means investors are increasingly turning to rental property.

Since the downturn, there have been fewer buy-to-let products available. Lenders have shied away from the sector, regarding it as more risky than mainstream residential funding. But the situation is improving with new lenders moving into this area, more products being launched, the easing of rental criteria and continued low mortgage rates. There are also more options for borrowers with investment portfolios, who may have struggled to refinance over the past few years.

Whether investors are looking to purchase their first rental property or to remortgage a sizeable portfolio, Anderson Harris can assist. We can access the most competitive rates and advise on the best way of structuring a portfolio.