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Published: 8th February 2022

This Article was Written by: Adrian Anderson


It’s a humbling, gratifying and exciting moment when your business reaches its 10th anniversary.

Building a business which can stand the test of time is no mean feat. For Anderson Harris founder – Adrian Anderson – the ever-changing property sector in which the business specialises means the journey has certainly never had a dull moment!

Reflecting on the past decade, here are 5 important takeaways, Adrian has learned from the experience.

1. Work hard on securing client loyalty

One of our passions right from the beginning was a commitment to high quality client care. As property finance specialists, we could have looked at each transaction with a short-term lens but we didn’t.

We’ve always been keen to support clients throughout their lives. We know those lives will have different stages requiring different property needs. So in helping clients we not only work hard to find them the right deal for now, but also one that will support them longer term. As a result, we’ve built-up tremendous loyalty from our clients over the years. It’s also proven commercially beneficial, as a large percentage of new business for the company comes from client referrals.

2. Recruit carefully and ensure there are shared values within your team

A big highlight for the business was when we won Best Small Broker in 2021. One of the reasons for this was the strength of our team. Careful in our recruitment strategy, we’ve been successful in forging a team who are supportive of one another, passionate about client care and aligned to the company’s ethos and values. During the pandemic and lock-down, this paid dividends. Our team remained strong and resilient, and we were able to support clients and each other at a difficult time.

3. Forge a valued network of contacts and supporters

Another area which we’ve worked hard to build is a strong network of professional contacts in the sector. To achieve this, you have to earn people’s respect and do an excellent job for them and their clients every time.

We’re very proud that so many respect our professional approach, client care and clear communication. It means many professional contacts regularly turn to us to answer queries and resolve challenges for their clients. This network includes estate agents, property buying agents, financial planners, lawyers, accountants, private banks and financial journalists.

4. Be prepared to adapt to change

When we started out, we mainly focused on the high end of the market and there was little interest in the high street lenders to cater for high value or interest only mortgages. Since then much has changed and there’s a lot more choice available. It’s enabled us to help so many more people. Being alert to changes in the market, lenders offerings and our customers’ aspirations has allowed us to move with the times and support them.

We now help people find the right finance for a wider variety of stock – from first time buyers to trophy assets including family homes, second homes in the country/London, investment properties and also when elderly clients want to downsize. We are also talking to all of our clients about protecting these mortgages in the event of death or ill health. This agility has enabled us to grow from a team of 3 to one of 9.

5. Enjoy the ride

It takes a lot of courage to start up your own business. You then need stamina, determination and enthusiasm to nurture it. Enjoying what you do and being genuinely interested in those you’re helping makes the whole process immensely satisfying. Whether you’re helping a client, a professional in your network or a colleague, having an underpinning enjoyment for the task usually secures success. The enjoyment is infectious too and it inspires and motivates those around you.

I am so proud of all we’ve achieved in the last decade. The business has grown well organically and is highly respected among clients and contacts alike. We’re also gaining a strong reputation as a valued employer and have more plans to expand the team in the coming year.

Here’s looking forward to the next 10 years!

We can help you navigate the current mortgage landscape and support you in achieving your property dreams. Simply contact our team of specialists on tel. 020 7495 6633 or email

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